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Tiger Oil & Energy (OTCBB: TGRO), headquartered in Las Vegas is an oil and gas company engaged in the exploration, development and redevelopment of oil and gas fields in the United States. Tiger Oil is focusing on additional leaseholds of value that TGRO will be are able to increase or return to production, generate revenue and build reserves for future cash flow. Management believes the Company's success centers around our ability to manage risk, in-house operations, respond quickly to changes in market conditions and implement new technologies.


Integration of Assets: Locate leaseholds and combine operational experience into a seamless and efficient low cost operator-producer.
Drilling: Offset wells in proven areas of production and low-risk infield opportunities.
Acquisitions: Continuously work to located new leaseholds to drill or farm-out.
Application of Enhanced Completion Techniques: Apply the latest frac technology with focus on environmental safety.
Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology: Pull out as much oil as possible from wells.

These are exciting times for up and coming oil exploration companies like Tiger Oil and Energy. Our mandate is to fund oil drilling projects of merit and assess new technologies that could lead to major breakthroughs in energy generation.

We look forward keeping our shareholders up-to-date with our developments.

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Tiger Oil and Energy Inc.


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